" The squirrels are damaging to the trees and the forests because they eat the bark in the Winter or use it to build nests, they consume the cones and prevent them to germinate , they prevent to germinate other nuts by damaging them......." this is our short-sighted perception about Squirrels.



According to the Evolution Theory, the modern Humans are a very developed species of Mammals . The Humans are constructed the same like other Mammals anatomical, physiological and biological, and they function the same like other Mammals. They eat the same kind of food like any other Mammal. There are few characteristics that differentiate the Humans from other Mammals and make them a very successful species , two of them being of major importance: the intelligence ( which is the Humans' main surviving characteristic) and the articulate speech.

According to the Religious Theory, the Humans are created by God on the Earth, with spiritual characteristic non-existent at animals. But the Humans were created on the Earth together with other species of animals , build mortal and from the same material like any other species.

Regardless of which Theory is valid, the Humans , in their Evolution or Creation, were gifted with special abilities that are designed to help other life and to preserve the Earth, while the Human mind has the capacity to understand more that merely food , kill and fight for resources.

We believe that is a basic, fundamental truth and fact of Life that the Humans are part of Earth's environment, are subjected and affected by the same factors and fluctuations like any other species, share the Planet with all other species in a natural balance and have the duty to obey to the Earth's balance. By abusing, mistreating and exploatating the Earth and Earth's other species, the Humans act as the enemy of other species, as the enemy of their own environment, and most of all, as the enemy of their own species.


Among all North American cities, Toronto's Urban Wildlife are by far the most abused.

As general aspects, Toronto is one of the very few cities in which there are by-laws that prohibit the feeding of Urban Wildlife, while their natural food is being removed in purpose and their natural habitat is being destroyed. The legislation regarding 'cruelty to animals' does not cover some Wildlife, such as Squirrels and pigeons, and there is a strongly promoted aggressive attitude against them as well as against their human friends. Toronto is one of the very few North American cities without an Urban Wildlife Center to advocate and work on behalf of Urban Wildlife; the only place that deals with Wildlife is the Toronto Wildlife Center, an animal-hospital with very little to say.

The following two examples are the most recent Toronto Urban Wildlife incidents in the long line of similar incidents , some much more severe, that happened to me and to all Urban Wildlife friends that I knew over the years and I hope that are somehow relevant.

As a general rule, the physical assault on Urban Wildlife's human friends in Toronto is very common and is encouraged and supported, as common, encouraged and supported is the abuse of Urban Wildlife. Toronto is not a city for naturalists , is a city with ignorance and hate toward nature and Wild Animals.


14 January, 2012,

City Hall, Toronto, 3:00 pm

Some people remain humane even if they live in Toronto; I could see many times, during cold winter months, people feeding the pigeons . Or, in a freezing winter day, someone going in a store to buy a loaf of bread for a flock of cold and starving pigeons.

In this afternoon, at about -10C, I went at City Hall with a bag of bird-seeds . I found the pigeons on the ground, grouped, obviously cold and very hungry, unwilling and unable to even move. I gave them the seeds , then I picked-up a sick one which could not fly. The Security Guard approached me and I was explaining what I was doing when a woman, obviously a street-worker high in drugs, came and aggressively ordered me to not feed the birds and to leave down the sick pigeon. I said: 'Stay away from me; I am talking with the Security , not with you.' Then the Security Guard told me :'Did you hear what she said? Do not feed the birds and leave the pigeon down.' As I turned around to leave with the sick bird in my coat, the drug-addict 'lady' began assaulting me physically while the City Hall Security Guard was watching. Then the Security Guard told me that I am bathering people (the street-hookers) by feeding the pigeons, people get upset, and that I am not allowed to come again at City Hall, I am banned from City Hall property. Was a special relation between the Security Guard and the street-worker, such as sexual favors or drug- deals? Maybe. Most likely was one of the so-common cases when the physical assault on Urban Wildlife human friends is supported and encouraged. If I complain, I may get charged with ...assaulting them, the Guard or the hooker, or both. Is their word that counts ( they are both 'decent, trustworthy people') against my word, that doesn't count.

This kind of assaults on Urban Wildlife friends in Toronto are very common, and, to get it punished legally one has to have witnesses.

Hey, here is Canada!


Mid-December, 2011 until now, Mid-January, 2012

University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Toronto

This is really sad; even worst is that , over the years, I found Squirrels badly abused by prestigious Institutions, on their grounds. Such as the trapped, badly starved and released grey Squirrel- looking literally like a skeleton covered in skin with eyes shining in pain and begging for mercy- and the black Squirrel with needles in her legs, broken spinal cord and removed teeth ( probably to be used for dinosaurs at the Museum), both still alive on the grounds of Royal Ontario Museum. Or the very sick mother-squirrel alive in the garbage bin on the grounds of Ryerson University, while the students were throwing garbage on top of her ( I was dragged out from the Ryerson University by Security by force for feeding the Squirrels on 'their' property), or the nest with new-born babies thrown down from 4-th floor of University of Toronto building and lying dead on the pavement. And much more the some.

Now is this:

The action happens at 39 and 39A Queen"s Park Crst. E, at the building belonging to Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, downtown Toronto.

Is an area of 150/50 meters with three buildings -two belonging to U of T - Faculty of Theology, 'Jesuits' chapter (

Lucky Squirrels! Walnut tree, lots of food, human love -God's people- and human protection -Law people. Not so!

Every fall the Jesuits dutifully harvest all the walnuts, to starve and discourage the Squirrels, and to get rid of them - all these annoying God's creatures. We are full of hate for everything that is not 'us' and 'ours'.

Before Christmas, the Faculty of Law began repairing its roof. Some of the Squirrels were nesting inside the roof, and I brought to the attention of workers that they will have to install an one-way-door to leave the animals out. I did not say nothing about the fact that is cruel to leave wild animals without nest during winter- I do not want to be too demanding. I just want the Squirrels to not be trapped inside the roof and left to die there a long, agonizing , horrible death at the hands of the 'finest' humans in this society. How are the beasts then? I just want the Squirrels out, not buried alive in the roof. The workers ignored me; one of them replayed in a stylish voice, when I mentioned that there are animals that may be trapped alive in the roof :'Maybe; we are just doing our job.' I sent an e-mail to Faculty of Law; it was ignored. I approached a Lawyer that works inside the building; instead to help, he turned on me and accused me of killing the Squirrels , because I feed them. So, I was the one killing the Squirrels because I feed them, so they cannot get their natural food (maybe those long removed wild walnuts), but they were not doing nothing wrong for burying them alive in the roof. Hey, here is Canada! All you need is a good rethoric .Finally, as I was trying to stop them as they were closing the roof with the Squirrels inside, something happened and they stopped the work. So , as I am writing this, the exit hole is open in the roof, the roof is not repaired in that area, and most likely will be repaired at a later date. Most likely, the Squirrels will be trapped inside, because there is not any intention to use the one-way-door or to take any measure to not torture them. In fact, is common practice to trap the Squirrels inside the roof.

I contacted Humane Society and OSPCA for help; with no result. Like every time when an act of 'cruelty to animals' is being performed on Squirrels, there is NOBODY in Ontario or in all Canada that will intervene, no-matter how inhumane the abuse is.


This is the Faculty of Law of University of Toronto, an Institution that hosts Wildlife celebrities such as Dr. Jane Goodall and that undertakes world-wide projects for Wild Animals. Others Wild Animals, not ours.This is why the Squirrels in Toronto need your help: because nobody helps them.PLEASE HELPContact University of Toronto, downtown campus and ask them to treat the Squirrels on their property - in this case Faculty of Law , 39 and 39A Queen's Park Crst.E, Toronto- humanely, and to not bury them inside the roof. Ask them to install an one-way-door device before or after the babies-season -by the end of January or around mid-June.

The U of T story had a happy ending; while the University did not install the one-way-door, before the roof was closed the Squirrels moved to another location- the walnut tree. This happened because I put efforts to get them afraid about their nest . Before closing the roof, the workers opened widely the area for few days; this is a technique used sometimes with good results, but is never sure that the animals escape the roof before closing. The one-way-door is mandatory, for Squirrels, as well as for raccoons and any other animals that may nest inside the roof.

Please see our Campaign.

The very sad Fact is that University of Toronto is one of the Universities that conducts painfull Laboratory Research on SQUIRRELS.