This is our annual event.

In this day we celebrate the Forests, the Trees and the Squirrels.

Is an informal, informative event for all ages, in which we get to know about Squirrels and their importance for nature and for us, we enrich our knowledge about forests and trees, and we have lot of fun, walk in nature and prizes.

There are three prizes, awarded under the competition 'Test your knowledge' (about forests, earth and Squirrels), and a Bonus prize -to identify a Squirrel ( one of the Squirrel to ID is Savannah, a Squirrel (is she a real Squirrel?) that lives in Burkina Faso and was rescued by Mr. Daniel Neal from certain death). To celebrate every year the heroes that rescue Squirrels from abuse, we created this Bonus prize.

For this event we welcome submissions of Photos of Squirrels from your area.